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Loubay Balloon Bag
CHF45.37 CHF27.22
Loubay Poomy Stripe
CHF119.44 CHF59.72
Loubay Lope Pouch
CHF13.89 CHF9.72
Loubay bag RingRing
CHF45.83 CHF27.50
Loubay Key Ring Pouch
CHF13.89 CHF9.72
Loubay Poomy Ring Clutch Bag
CHF119.44 CHF59.72
Loubay Poomy Clutch Bag
CHF110.19 CHF55.09
Loubay Rainbow Clutch Bag
CHF119.44 CHF59.72
Loubay BeMine Mini Handbag
CHF156.48 CHF78.24

Buy LouBay Handbags in our Shop today and get them delivered Free of Charge to any part of the world.

LouBay has been working for decades with top quality neoprene, produced by the world leader in the sector loving its strength and durability together with its unmistakable softness. LouBay designs handbags that accompany women throughout the day. Women who are spirited and determined always expect the best of quality and are not afraid to be bold. A handbag for every emotion... An accessory in sync with a moment’s whim and which reflects the infinite variations of femininity. Audacious and enticing, practical and casual. Every personality type is matched with an accessory that is in perfect harmony.

LouBay works in the Swiss and international markets as producer and distributor of high-end leather goods and innovative fashion accessories. The products are entirely ‘Made in Italy’ and undergo very meticulous quality control.