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WeWood Sunglasses

If there’s a phrase to describe WeWood sunglasses, that will be “sustainable fashion.” That’s because, for every pair of WeWood sunglasses and watches they make, one tree is planted. 

The wooden sunglasses by WeWood use remnants from exotic hardwoods. Through their effort, no wood is wasted, but even the smallest bit becomes useful. Some of the hardwoods they use include maple, walnut, Indian rosewood, Verawood, and African blackwood. The WeWood company does not use synthetic paint, but they leave the wood as it is. Therefore, all their products are au naturel. 

Aside from hardwood, they also use cotton fibers for their eyewear instead of plastic. Cotton fiber is organic, and the material will easily break down. So when you buy sunglasses online, look for WeWood sunglasses. That way, you are also helping the environment.

Buy WeWood Watches

WeWood first manufactured wooden WeWood watches long before they launched their WeWood eyewear collection. Just like their sunglasses, they use hardwoods that are growing in abundance all over the world. These wooden remnants are then crafted by skilled craftsmen and watchmakers to bring you a combination of style and elegance that reflects environmental responsibility. 

So every time you sport one of WeWood’s timepieces, you are making a bold fashion statement and supporting the environment as well. Our watches are made in Italy, and each timepiece is a testament of the impeccable Italian craftsmanship and artistry. 

Buy Sunglasses Online

Check our collection of WeWood watches and sunglasses at our shop online. When you buy WeWood sunglasses and watches, you are wearing an exquisite piece of art straight from Italy. Brandable ships to any location around the world, and in case you want a different color other than the one displayed on our site, let us know.