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Moon Boot Mini Nylon Babies Boot
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Moon Boot Original Nylon Boot
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Moon Boot Mini Nylon Babies Boot
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Moon Boot Low Nylon Women's Boot
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Moon Boot Original Nylon Boot
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Moon Boot Brand History

When Giancarlo Zanatta watched the moon landing of Apollo 11 in the 70s, he was impressed by the technology used to create the astronauts’ footwear. That inspired him to sketch and create footwear similar to that, and Moon Boot was born. Although it became a popular fad in the 70s, its popularity waned until the movie “Napoleon Dynamite” featured it in 2004. 

Although it is an Italian brand and was first manufactured in Italy, manufacturing was transferred to Ukraine since 2011, producing around 700,000 shoes per year. 

Men’s Moon Boot Online Shop

Moon Boot is not only for women but also for men. Brandable has both women and men’s Moon Boot in our online shop. Winter doesn’t have to be boring and unflattering. Combine both glamor and comfort this winter with a pair of Moon Boots.

Moon Boot for Women

If you want winter shoes that are warm, cozy, and at the same time, stylish, there are different types of Moon Boot for women to choose from.

Moon Boot Monaco

The Moon Boot Monaco is one of the original snowshoes manufactured by the company. They come with a faux fur trim, nylon upper, foam insulation, felt lining, and a rubber outsole. They are knee-high and have a hook and loop lace, making them the perfect boots for the cold winter. 

Moon Boot Nylon

This pair of Moon Boot are aptly called because they are made from technical nylon which makes it waterproof and warm, able to withstand the harshest cold weather. It has dual drawstring closures for a custom fit, so your feet get the warmth they need when walking out in the snow. 

Moon Boot Buzz Pailettes

The Buzz Pailettes looks glamorous as its name sounds with all the sparkling sequins that adorn it. Despite the aesthetics, they provide the same comfort and quality like all other snowshoes from Moon Boot.