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Coccinelle Flo Bucket Bag
CHF320.33 CHF96.10
Coccinelle Bag Tessuto Nastro
CHF543.18 CHF162.95
Coccinelle Janine Mini Bag
CHF362.12 CHF108.64
Coccinelle Leather and straw fabric Bag
CHF478.18 CHF143.45
Coccinelle Leather Bag
CHF412.26 CHF123.68
Coccinelle Woman's handbag
CHF478.18 CHF143.45
Coccinelle Leather handbag
CHF362.12 CHF126.74
Coccinelle Shoulder Bag
CHF431.75 CHF129.53
Coccinelle Ambrine leather bag
CHF441.04 CHF132.31
Coccinelle Leather minibag
CHF287.84 CHF86.35
Coccinelle Ambrine straw and leather bag
CHF324.98 CHF97.49
Coccinelle Liya leather handbag
CHF416.90 CHF125.07