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Baabuk is a Swiss company that was founded in 2013 by couple Galina and Dan. The duo had always wanted to combine their love of nature, travel and creativity into a product that emulated who they are. All of these aspects were soon brought together one year at Christmas time when Dan was given a pair of “Valenkis” by Galina’s Russian parents. Valenkis are traditional Russian felted wool footwear worn to keep feet warm on during the cold Siberian winter months. After testing the shoes out and doing some research on wool footwear, Dan and Galina decided they would use the concept of the Valenkis as their product to share with the world.

Before entering the market the couple lived in Asia were they developed the first prototype and decided on unisex sizing and where to manufacture. Since their primary material for manufacturing was wool they decided to set up a factory near the source, Nepal. Dan designed state of the art machines in the factory to help speed up the felting process and while maintaining an environmentally friendly and ethical manufacturing process.

Slippers, such as the Gus which is available for adults and children, were the first line of footwear produced by Baabuk. These shoes shared the wool qualities of the Valenkis but had a new modern slip on shape that makes them wearable for inside or outside use. Since wool allowed their footwear to be temperature regulating, antibacterial, breathable, soft, water repellent and light, Dan and Galina soon decided to innovate their processes to create additional footwear lines.

The couple designed an athletic sneaker and a more classic sneaker , as well as, boots ( These new footwear collections are a bit more modern for the younger generations but are still as comfortable and provide the same benefits of wool as their original slippers.

Now the Swiss company whose headquarters is in Revere, CH offer footwear for men, women and children at unisex sizing for all seasons and activities. You can wear your Baabuks at the beach, office, gym, in the snow or in your home and will be continuously comfortable. We are proud to partner with this innovative Swiss company and are excited to see what they create next.

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