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Although your top priority might be your outfit for the first day, why not turn heads with your bag instead this year. Whether heading into year six or your final year of university, we all need versatile bags to carry our supplies to and from class.

For lighter days, when you may just need a notebook, pencils, and a snack; try this bold and functional bag from LouBay. Made from neoprene, this bag can quickly be washed up and ready to go again if it happens to get dirty out in the schoolyard. It also comes with an outer pocket so you can easily access your student ID and wallet.

On those days that require a textbook and your laptop, try this leather tote from Coccinelle. The smooth black exterior will certainly compliment all your new outfits, and the contrasting orange lining is sure to grab the attention of your classmates.

To ensure the lining of your new bag stays free of pen markings, we recommend this travelers pouch to store all the supplies you need to get back to work. Just like the light weight backpack it can be laundered, will keep all your contents organized, and just may save your bag from an untimely ink explosion.

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