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Looking for classy clothing? Brandable is really all you need this summer, or any summer for that matter to put together a few classy outfits. The various available pieces can be worn separately or combined into a great outfit for the season. The perfect summer classy outfit is not always easy to find but Brandable has conveniently cut the work in half for you when it comes to buying the perfect summer classy outfits. You may feel daunted by all the designs and styles to choose from. At the same time, there are numerous techniques and methods you can utilize in order to find elegant outfits this summer.

Classy Outfit for 2020

Classy outfits take time and effort.

The good news is that there are numerous plains and prints that will give you a classy look this summer by Brandable. This includes colorful scarves like this one that you can tie in your hair or on the handle of your oversized tote.

Why look anywhere else? Elegant outfits are easy to put together when you have great stuff to work with on Brandable. Whether you are looking for classy clothing, elegant outfits, outfits for summer, classy outfits, outerwear for innerwear or even accessories, you don't need to look any further.

Scarf Plus Tee

When it comes to classy outfits for summer, believe it or not, a very quick and easy method to look very elegant this summer is to pair a t-shirt:

classy tee that goes well with a scarf

With a scarf in your hair:

coccinelle scarf

What better way to exude quiet confidence this summer than by combining these two seemingly unrelated pieces of clothing into one summer glam-outfit? You get a classy look without trying and the colors will accentuate your best features under the summer sun.

Keeping Cool Is The Goal

The goal here is to put an outfit together cool enough for the summer but at the same time, trendy enough to seem as if you spent hours getting ready. For the season of summer, it is always a good idea to plan ahead and find out which outfits go together so that you can wear effortless summer outfits from Brandable that will heads turn to look at your fabulous outfit.

Elegant Outfits For All Body Types This Summer

Even if different styles of clothing are necessary for different body sizes, the clothing featured here in Brandable is conveniently sized to fit every body type. Invest in a couple of new outfits for summers such as dresses and tops to layer them in. Make sure you have casual summer clothes as well as a couple of elegant outfits for special occasions. Don't forget, summer is the time to attend summer parties usually held al fresco under the clear night sky.

Classy Evening Dress Black

Style Plus Comfort Equals Summer Success

Both style and comfort need to be your goal this summer, and every summer for that matter. Select classy, stylish, comfortable clothing for this season. Outfits that fit perfectly without being too tight or cramped in any part of your body is advisable. Make sure you have breathing room when you wear summer clothing so that air can move freely within your clothes. Avoid tight clothes at all costs, particularly if you are still carrying on a bit of winter weight. Overly tight clothing tends to keep your body hotter than it needs to be. This will cause discomfort and may even be bad for your health!

Include Hats!

Remember to include hats in your summer ensembles. The hot sun can be blinding and cause your face to burn. Making sure you are kept cool and collected under a classy hat is the first step to creating the most perfect summer outfits.

Elegant Outfits For Special Occasion

For the summer, having a few special occasion dresses are a must! Select lighter weight fabrics for dresses that keep you cool no matter what. Prevent sweating by choosing loose, flowy styles. Leave the thick fabrics at home! Find dresses with squarish necklines or tube tops. The most popular summer tops involve backless, halter tops, sleeveless tops and tube tops. Of course, you may not want anything too revealing when you are selecting your summer clothes.

elegant summer dress

What you can do is to drape a beautiful scarf around your shoulders loosely, or a light cardi. There are no rules when it comes to dressing for the summer, except to keep cool, at all costs.

After all, summer is once again around the corner and it's time to take a dive right into the deeper end of style and make a statement. Whether it is switching your leather tote into the rattan version or rethinking accessories to match soaring temperatures, there are a few things to keep when you want elegant, classy, summer style. Remember in temperatures that involve triple digits, the struggle for clothes that keep you cook is real. The good news is that breathable fabrics made of natural fibers is available now, more than ever.

Wear Nothing But White

Summertime is synonymous with the color white dress for a good reason. As colors go, white happens to reflect the most sunshine and thus, the most heat. That is why the color to wear high summer temperatures is inevitably white.

white classy dress by guess

Putting together a classy outfit? It always pays to have a few white pieces on hand to balance out all the prints. Of course, just because it’s summer does not mean that you are limited to wearing white! However, on those triple-digit high Fahrenheit days, white may be best for your health, not to mention trendy and fashionable as well!

white classy satin lingerie

Cotton Fabrics Are A Must!

When it comes to finding a new wardrobe for the new season, cotton is a great choice this summer due to its breathability, making it perfect for every type of climate. This is the reason it is loved and worn widely. You can wear cotton fabric in humidity or dry heat to keep cool. Cotton is a natural fiber allowing free movement and circulation of air within the fabric. This makes the summer season bearable as no other fabric can. In fact, some might wonder how you manage not to break a sweat in such extreme temperatures.

cotton shirt

This Hanro Short Sleeve Front Gown is perfect for the beach or for going to lunch with the ladies. With the right classy accessories, such as a large tote and oversized shades, you won't need anything more. You can use it as sleepwear or for loungewear. Let's be honest, ladies, when the temperature is in the three-digits, this makes the perfect day-dress for going to do short errands or pairing with white sneakers and a large hat for a day shopping. Pintucks and half-button down the front give this dress just the right structure to make you seem like you put some effort into looking great despite the heat.

Hanro short sleeves

Tailored sleeves keep your arms cool without overexposure to the scorching sun. The PIMA mercerized one hundred percent cotton fabric wicks out moisture to keep you feeling cool all day long. Practical and easy, you will love the natural feel of the fabric against your skin. Dress this dress up or down depending on where you need to be at the moment. One thing's for sure and that you can't find the fabric that will keep you any cooler than this.

cotton jeans

Yeah, almost forgot... Linen fabric shirts are my favorite alternatives to Cotton ones. This one is one of the most used shirts I have in my wardrobe:

Classy Linen Shirt by Old Captain

Shorts - The Summer Staple

Keep cool this summer from head to toe with Guess Denim Shorts that have an embroidery detail on both the front and the back. Pair this with the ultralight spaghetti camisole and drape a logo sweater by Guess on your shoulders. This outfit takes you from day to the night. You can pair it elegantly with a pair of white classic sneakers or a pair of racy, platform heels and red lipstick. This look is great for a hot summer date that starts in the early evening and takes you all the way to dinner and a movie. The designer sweater by Guess features a logo in front and open details.

With the rise in temperatures, your style can get an easy revamping with some fresh looks. Whether you prefer to match separates or wear purely bright colors this season, it is always a good idea to have a stand-by

ready outfit for the warm weather to keep you and your closet inspired for the season.

Flowy, Loose Styles 7613388150200.html?search_query=skirt&results=24

Embrace summer with fashion-forward tops ruffled and skimming your body. You can wear this to work and carry a cute cardigan or blazer, or even by itself. Guess takes first place again by putting together this instant outfit you can take from daytime to nighttime without a second thought. Look stunning no matter what accessories you wear and you will love the way the loose, flowy style complements any body type while at the same time keeping you cool the entire summer long.

Layering Is An Art shirt.html?search_query=button&results=83

Instead of a denim jacket, layer your boyfriend's crisp button-down shirt over a summer dress. This look makes it seem as if you planned your summer outfits months in advance! Light and breezy, an all-cotton shirt over an all-cotton dress is the look you need to exude an aura of cool elegance, which can take you from daytime to nighttime faster than you can say 'date night.'


What exactly is A Boyfriend Shirt?

Okay, you have probably been hearing a lot about a boyfriend shirt that everyone keeps talking about. Exactly what is the boyfriend shirt? Well, you know when you stay over your boyfriend's place in an unplanned rendezvous?

classy boyfriend shirt

Most women end up wearing his over-sized work shirt the very next day. This has become such a popular trend because the boyfriend shirt looks cute, cool and flowy. It can be worn by almost every body type and is usually loose enough for air to comfortably flow through.

Mixing and Matching Prints in a Classy Fashion

Keep things interesting by mixing and matching prints. Your starting point can be to build an outfit around a midi skirt that you can build on. You can keep the theme going by adding a contrasting printed hat, a tank top, a printed tote, and sandals.

messy print shirt

This look is the perfect daytime outfit for weekends when you don't really want to stick to the plan or any plan for that matter. You can always select a printed bottom and add in a tank top, a large tote, oversized glasses, and a large brim hat. After all, advance-planning really is the secret to keeping cool in the summer.

Cool Print t-shirt classy


Classy Dresses, Dresses and More Dresses

A dress is the most convenient item of clothing to own due to the fact that you only put one thing on, a few accessories and voila! The perfect outfit is born. Loose dresses are perfect for the summer because they are soft, comfortable, breathable and most of all, easy to wear.

summer dress by guess

Don't deny it---at times, you don't really want to spend hours trying to put together an entire outfit. The solution for this is to have a selection of dresses you can wear alone or under a layer of your boyfriend's shirts. There is nothing more convenient than a light cotton summer dress you can count on no matter what kind of heat you are dealing with.

This dress by Guess features a rose pattern of roses in full bloom against a blue background. What better way to celebrate summer than by wearing this sexy, chic but sweet dress full of blooms. The spaghetti straps keep everything in place and the ruffled top emits an aura of carefree summer days as your hair blows in the breeze while you travel around nature without a care in the world.

This trademark Versace dress is short and sexy, perfect for the summer weather. When you want to keep your cool without sacrificing your style, this is the designer dress to get. You can wear sneakers with this dress or Louboutin's---versatility cannot be emphasized enough!

versace classy summer dress

This Patrizia Pepe Dress with a floral pattern is short and sweet. The sleeveless dress keeps your arms cool and the short mid-calf skirt flows just enough for you to walk comfortably in while keeping cool at all costs.

flower pattern summer dress

White Classy Sneakers Are Still a Trend

This summer the most happening fashion-forward trend is clearly white sneakers. You can pair white sneakers with everything from a sundress, jeans or even just your boyfriend's shirt. You probably never looked or felt as cool as this! White deflects sunlight and heat, so wearing white sneakers is a great way for those toasted to beat the heat.

White sneakers with or without laces, platform, slip-on or flat can be worn with trendy boyfriend shirts, short dresses, flowy dresses or with a pair of shorts. You will look extremely fashionable without even trying! Here are a few white sneakers you can start the ball rolling with. Don’t forget, you can never get enough of a good thing! The best part? Your winter toes can finally get some cool comfort!

These Baldinini Sneakers in White Calfskin will go with everything and anything you own in your closet. The flower detail on the front is stylish and feminine, as well as utterly elegant. This pair of sneakers will go with as many or as little outfits as you prefer. Perfect for the summer, you may never need another pair of shoes again.

white classy sneakers

The Guess Boomer Sneaker is an all-white pair of platform sneakers that keep you on top of things, literally. This lace-up platform sneaker is made of fabric and has a crepe platform sole and a round toe. You will definitely become five centimeters taller when you wear these shoes. Believe it or not, these sneakers go with any of your outfits and look especially trendy in the summertime.

elegant white sneakers

Flowy, Loose Styles

Embrace a classy summer with fashion-forward tops ruffled and skimming your body. You can wear this to work and carry a cute cardigan or blazer, or even by itself. Guess takes first place again by putting together this instant outfit you can take from daytime to nighttime without a second thought. Look stunning no matter what accessories you wear and you will love the way the loose, flowy style complements any body type while at the same time keeping you cool the entire summer long.

Back To Basics With A T-Shirt

There is no better time than summertime to bring out and actually wear your favorite t-shirts. Not only are t-shirts one hundred percent cotton, but they are also easy to care for due to the lightweight fabric. In fact, Even if cotton does seem to wrinkle more than other clothing pieces, a bit of ironing usually does the trick. The good news is that the newer shirts such as the one featured here by Guess, are made with strong fabric that is easier to care for. This means you won't have to put so much time in the washing, drying, and ironing of this shirt. Throw this shirt on a pair of jeans or shorts and you are good to go.

For the summer, all you need are flip-flops to complete the look and a light sweater for around your waist in case the temperature drop. This t-shirt is hypoallergenic, perfect for people with sinus problems. You won't get any skin irritations either since one hundred percent cotton means an all-natural, breathe-able hypoallergenic fabric you can wash and wear any time of the day and night.

calssic t-shirt

Cotton is very strong and won't wear out. You may love this shirt so much and wash and wear it for daily wear if you can't seem to live without it. Guess shirts do have that tendency to become our favorite shirt.

Cotton fibers are heat-resistant and will last from one summer season to the next without any issues. Regardless of how strong they are, they feel soft to the skin and it almost feels like you are wearing luxury classy clothing.

This t-shirt is great by itself or as an undershirt to a blazer or an unbuttoned boyfriend shirt. The reason is that it feels so smooth to the touch that you won't even feel like you are wearing anything. The level of comfort is hard to match and we know you will agree when we tell you to bring out those tees!

classy classic t-shirt

Classy Underwear As Outerwear

It cannot be denied that so many of the featured underwear collections on Brandable seem to be perfect to wear as outerwear. In fact, all you need to add is a pair of cropped pants or shorts to complete any outfit with so many of the tank tops featured here.

hanro yoga tank

Summer is indeed the time to keep cool and what better way to do that than to wear as little clothing as you can. In fact, with the lightweight, soft material and colors of so many of the underwear collections featured here, you may be tempted to buy them all!

wollen shirt

Remember that all you need is to keep a few solid colors and basics on hand to mix and match with other outfits.

long sleeve

Falke cotton tank as outerwear

A Large Tote---One Size Fits All

One size literally fits all when you bring a large tote with you for the summer. You can put everything you don't want to hand-carry into one large tote including your summer reading book, sunscreen, oversized shades, water spritzer, and even your handy go-to flip flops. You can go from daytime to nighttime with an oversized tote that fits everything you own.

bucket bag

It cannot be denied that in the summertime, the last thing you want to think about is whether you remembered to hand carry every item you own back to the car. Or worse, if you remembered to stuff everything back into your purse. A large tote takes care of everything and looks great in the process. After all, nothing screams lazy, carefree and long summer days than a gorgeous tote bag that goes with every outfit you can think of. Here are a few of our favorites:

classy leather bag

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