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Scarves date back to Ancient Rome and have many uses. People in ancient times used them to keep themselves clean or wipe their sweats when working. During the cold season, they used it to keep warm just like how we use scarves today. Roman men used to tie them around their necks or around their waists as a belt.

Scarves are one of the versatile accessories that men and women can use. It is even considered the “little black dress” of winter accessories - practical, and flattering. They can highlight your best asset, and they can make even the plainest winter wear look sophisticated.

When it comes to scarves, the infinity scarf is the most popular because it is easy to drape around your neck and style it according to your preference.

The infinity scarf got its name because it looks like the infinite loop or the Mobius strip when twisted. It has evolved from an item of clothing that provides warmth during the cold season to becoming a fashion item. Thanks to celebrities and fashion icons that have helped elevate its status to where it is today.

Different Ways How to Wear an Infinity Scarf

You can wear an infinity scarf whether you are wearing jeans, a dress, boots, or stilettos. You can even wear it even if it’s not the winter season. All you need to do is experiment on how to wear it in order to pull the look no matter what the season is.

We have created a number of ways to wear the infinity scarf.

The Basic

The most common way to wear the infinity scarf is by inserting it through your head and let it hang from your neck. If it has a seam that connects the scarf into a loop, adjust the scarf so that the seam is hidden behind your neck.

You can have a classy effect by letting the longer part drape at your back while having the shorter end in the front.

The Double Loop

Another common style when donning the infinity scarf is the double loop. You can insert the scarf through your head and let it rest behind your neck.

After that, pull both sides and cross the right side to the left side to create a figure eight in front of your body. Put the new loop into your head, so you have two loops now hanging on your neck. If the scarf is long enough, you can create three loops.

You can also readjust the scarf to get the effect you desire. You can make one loop slightly bigger than the other to create a layered look. You can also pull the edge at the back of your neck over your head to create a hood.

The Pull-through

You can start by placing the scarf behind your neck without inserting it through your head. Drape them on your shoulders and bring both ends to the front. Insert one end through the loop on the other end. Pull the close end closer to your chin and the other end in front of you to tighten it. Make sure that it is comfortable enough around your neck.

Infinity Scarf as a Shawl

Put your right hand through the shawl until it rests on your right shoulder. Bring the scarf behind your back and insert your left arm on the other side of the loo until it rests on your left shoulder. Adjust the scarf so that both sides of the shoulders are covered evenly.

This look can transform a simple look to a sophisticated one, or from a day get-up to a night ensemble.

Wear it Like a Vest

Put the scarf through your head and let it slip through your waist. Pull the scarf front so that one part is hugging the back of your waist, while the front part hangs loosely. Cross both sides in front of you to create a figure eight with the intersection right in front of your navel. Then, place the loop around your neck — it would create an effect that resembles a vest. Make sure the scarf hangs comfortably around your neck and waist.

Like a Tie

For this style, we recommend using a colorful infinity scarf made of lightweight fabric. You can start by creating the figure-eight loop. Then pull the upper loop forward so it appears longer while the other loop fits snugly around your neck. Take the longer loop and place a knot by twisting it around your finger and pulling it through.

This look adds more character to the tie. The look goes well if you’re using a blazer or a dinner jacket. You can add some variations by placing the knot on the side, which creates a rather classy look.

The Twisted Loop

Using a lightweight infinity scarf, start with the basic figure eight again. This time take the end of each loop and pull them forward until they have an even size and length. Then, twist the left loop twice and put it through the right loop. Pull it down a little bit to create a fun-looking tie.

Like a Turban

This style works well with a shorter infinity scarf. What you need to do is twist it into a figure eight and tuck one loop into the other loop to create a beanie. Put it on your head with the twisted part in the front. Then, pull the other side over your head and tuck it under. Adjust until it’s securely placed under your head, and enjoy your new turban.

Like a Sash

All you need to do is put the infinity scarf through your head. Let the other end rest on your right shoulder while the other one drapes on the other side. This is similar to the sari — shawl worn by Indian women. Therefore, the style looks perfect if you are wearing a dress.

Like a Mexican Shawl

Take the edges of both ends of the infinity scarf together and attach them together with a safety pin. Then, wear them like a “serape” or a Mexican shawl.

Like an “Ascot” Tie

Put your infinity scarf through your head and on your neck. Hold it in the middle and create a knot so you have two loops. Pull the lower loop and put it through your head. The effect is like an oversized ascot tie.

Other Ways How to Wear the Infinity Scarf

You can also wear the infinity scarf similar to the way you wear your sweater. Just put the scarf through your head and tie the lower part into a knot. Adjust the part on your shoulders so it is fully spread like a sweater.

Another simple way of wearing the scarf is by simply draping it on your shoulders like a regular scarf.


There is no doubt that the infinity scarf is one versatile piece of accessory. Go ahead and experiment more on how you can wear it or what you can do with it — your imagination is the only limit to what you can do with it.

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