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What kind of bra suits you the best? You should start by knowing your exact band and cup size. Picking a perfect bra also depends on what type of breasts you have – if they are touching, separated or splayed.

If you have touching breasts, you need an unlined or lightly lined bra with closely set cups, something like this.

Separated breasts – which means you can fit one or two fingers between them – is the most commonly occurring type of breast among women and most of bra models are made to fit well this type of breast. This is why it is not going to be that hard for you picking up a right style for you. Try a T-shirt bra, like this one. If you’d like a little more cleavage, opt for a push-up bra. Unlike padded bras, they are lined only on the sides or bottom to create lift and cleavage. Check out this model here.

If you have splayed breasts – separated and splayed outward creating a triangular shape between your breasts – you will be better off with full-coverage or plunge styles repeating that triangular shape that will help bring your boobs closer together and provide shape. See if this bra will do the job.

If you can fit three fingers between your breasts it means you have wide set breasts and you need a model with a wide gore – the piece of fabric that connects two cups. Wireless and demi coverage bras are a great choice for such breasts. You can also try a balconette, like this one.

tgIf you have breasts that are both wide-set and splayed, you need to look for a bra that will lift your breasts and bring them closer together. The best choice would be front-closure or push-up bras. It will help greatly, if they have wide-set underwire and non-stretch fabrics. A good option for such type of breasts would be this bra.

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