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Buying your first, or fifth fur coat is an investment you want an experience to accompany; Shelly Furs offers just that with made-to-order options, extended services and an in-house manufacturing team with a keen eye for detail and quality.

When entering the showroom in downtown Lugano you become surrounded by beautiful fur coats. Pieces made of fox, mink, rabbit, and sheepskin in all different styles hang delicately on racks around the space waiting to be tried on. You will find brightly colored jackets in electric blue, yellow, and patterns, reversible pieces that allow you to them with either the interior or exterior featuring the fine fur, and coats that have been shaved down. All of which are the most desired trends of the season.

After a moment to take it all in you will be greeted with exceptional personalized service to help you find the right style and color for your personality, body and intended use. As you are trying on coats you will notice they are lightweight, a very important quality when picking a coat to wear in locations with warmer winters. If off the rack isn’t what you are interested in you can also choose a style, color, type of fur and other design details with the in-house design team and Shelly Furs will create a custom piece just for you that is one-of-a-kind and will fit you perfectly.

Shelly Furs has been providing Lugano with over 30 years of luxurious fur apparel for women and they keep their exceptional buying experience going with the services they offer from cleaning and repair to storage for fur and leather goods and many more. Brandable is excited to be adding this Swiss Made luxury shop to their offering and making the exquisite Shelly Fur pieces available for their customers worldwide.

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