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Whether you realize it or not, you probably know quite a few famous Swiss clothing brands. Even if you can’t name them off the top of your head, there are countless Swiss Fashion brands taking catwalks and sidewalks by storm on a global basis. Though many may be unaware, Swiss clothing, shoes, and handbag manufacturers have been integrated into our lifestyle and fashion choices for many years.

This is because, like their Italian or French counterparts, they provide some of the finest quality money can buy while remaining highly fashionable and versatile.

Additionally, most Swiss brands (including those on this list) are more than affordable than some of the super high-end choices on the market, allowing those who may not live in the lap of luxury to experience the feeling each time they wear products from these Swiss clothing lines.

Knowing which Swiss clothing lines are the best is something that you should know about before your next foray into the fashion market, leaving you as knowledgeable as possible when making changes to your wardrobe.

The Most Famous Swiss Clothing Brands

When discussing the world’s most stylish apparel, Swiss fashion companies rarely get a mention. In fact, most Swiss designer brands remain relatively unknown at international level. Several Swiss fashion brands, however, have demonstrated extraordinary potential, but the Swiss fashion scene, in general, is yet to hit the mainstream internationally.

With the exception of a handful of Swiss luxury fashion brands, which are already well known in elite fashion circles worldwide.

In any case, the luxury fashion scene across Switzerland is expanding and evolving like never before. Anyone with an interest in Swiss luxury fashion companies and the latest up-and-coming Swiss clothing brands would be wise to hit one of the industry’s annual fashion fairs. The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days in Zurich and the Mode Suisse fashion fair come highly recommended.

Swiss Fashion Brands You May (or Should) Know: Luxury, Premium, and Mass-Market

If you’re still struggling to think of any Swiss luxury fashion brands, don’t beat yourself up about it. Instead, check out the following rundown featuring some of the most iconic and important Swiss clothing brands of all time - some of which will probably be more familiar to you than you expected:


soft touch feeling top underwear by hanro

For years, HANRO has been one of the finest clothing brands to come out of Switzerland. Specializing in women's clothing, there is nothing that HANRO does not make.

From undergarments to short sleeve shirts, funnel tunics to tank tops, leggings to long-sleeve Henley-style shirts, HANRO makes the highest quality clothing that money can buy and is on the level with any Swiss manufacturer.

Customers have raved about the quality of HANRO and its clothing for many years, talking about how it is a durable, sturdy design. Not only that, it provides a luxurious, fashionable look that many brands strive for.

Among the higher-end fashion lines available from Switzerland, these are not items that you will find on the clearance rack at your local discount store. This line of clothing is made of the finest materials and is made to last, more than worth the price tag that they carry.

Still, even though their price tag is higher than your discount stores, it is more than affordable enough and offers a tremendous value. You won't have to worry about replacing your HANRO clothing for a good, long time thanks to the wondrous quality that they offer.

When shopping for mid-high-end clothing, HANRO should be one of the options that earn your consideration. For women of all sizes, HANRO brings the quality, comfort, and high-end design to your wardrobe to keep you feeling current and fashionable for a long time.


clutch green daily bag by Loubay

While HANRO specializes in women's clothing, LouBay steps to the table with their own unique line of handbags called the "Think Bag". The Think Bag provides the kind of handbags that is both fashionable but still versatile enough to carry the essentials of your life with you from place to place.

LouBay makes a number of bags in a number of different sizes and makes, so you will be able to find the perfect Think Bag to accessorize any outfit in your closet or wardrobe.

Best of all, LouBay makes their Think Bags in bright, vibrant colors that stand out from the grays, beige, and pinks that dominate the handbag world. Why would you need another bag in that color when you can get a LouBay Think Bag in a gorgeous, vibrant purple or forest green? Stand out from the rest of the pack by having a unique bag to fit your unique personality and lifestyle.

Unlike other stylish, unique handbags, these LouBay Think Bags aren't going to cost you the same price as a house payment. These bags are affordable enough to leave you feeling as though you got it from one of the swank boutiques in the hottest, most expensive part of town without feeling the buyer's remorse that comes with those types of price tags.

Customers have raved about the stylish appeal of the Think Bags as well as the highly durable materials that they are made from. The Think Bags are made to stand up to the daily usage that comes with using your favorite bag. And that's what the Think Bag will be: your favorite bag.

When you are looking for a unique, durable bag that stands out in a crowd, look no further than the LouBay Think Bag. Before you know it, you will be another customer leaving a rave review about the Think Bag, wondering what you ever did before you had one.

Baabuk Urban Shoes

Wool Slippers by Baabuk

Finally, something for the men out there who are into fashion and wearing the most outfit-friendly and diverse shoes that are available. And that's just what Baabuk urban shoes are: they are unique and diverse, providing a wonderful option for any outfit in your wardrobe.

Each of these Baabuk urban shoes is constructed with rubber soles so that you won't have to worry about slippage when there is a spill or the weather turns nasty. The outsole is also made of rubber, meaning you will get maximum durability so that you can wear these as often as you would like.

Baabuk urban shoes are true to size in terms of their fit and the upper portion of the shoe is made of wool, giving it an aesthetic that stands out from the rest.

Additionally, these shoes are very breathable even with their laces (allowing for lace-up option for those who just can't go without it, though lacing your shoes is definitely not necessary when you have these). With an anti-microbial fabric, you won't have to worry about fungi or other nasty things being in your shoes when you wear them with frequency, socks or no socks.

What makes these great, water-resistant, lightweight, and flexible shoes all the more fun is the ability to get colorful laces to balance out the gray that is standard in Baabuk urban shoes. Because gray is one of the most popular colors available, adding a little pop of color can make all the difference in the world in an outfit and feel as though you are accessorizing every aspect of your outfit.

Baabuk urban shoes are lightweight, durable, and highly fashionable and cost no more than your average pair of big-name shoes like Nike or Reebok. These shoes go with almost any outfit and with accessorizable shoelaces, you can provide all of the colors you want. These will fit into any wardrobe instantaneously and become one of your favorite pairs of shoes in no time flat.

Old Captain Co.

old captain co mens baja colorful shirts with logo

Old Captain Co. clothing has not been around for years, providing some of the coolest outdoor wear possible. Making shirts for active and creative people like artists, musicians, sportsmen and those who lead an active lifestyle. They provide colorful and bubbly options combined with the traditional Swiss quality as well as an attention to detail that is second to none.

Creative minds required creative clothing options and some of the patterns that are available from Old

Captain Co. can match the eccentric and creative minds that wear them. What we wear says a great deal about who we are whether we mean to project that message or not.

That is why artists, musicians, and those living an active lifestyle choose to wear items from Old Captain Co. They feel as though the unique colors and styles represent their unique way of thinking and tend to gravitate towards those. Check out their Instagram account you'll fall in love with their brand.

Stand out in the best way possible at your next beach or nautical foray with one of these uber fashionable shirts.

Shelly Furs

Shelly Furs luxury coat on the model

Fur coats are the height of luxury fashion. Over the decades, those wealthy and highly fashionable have made their looks unique by donning a fur coat. Shelly Furs delivers that luxurious feel with a Swiss touch.

Shelly Furs makes a variety of high-end fur coats for your enjoyment, from fox to mink, rabbit to sheepskin in all sorts of different styles that hang delicately on any frame.

Additionally, Shelly Furs also makes high-end luxury winter coats that come in colors like yellow and electric blue as well as reversible pieces to fit any outfit in your wardrobe. They have a wide variety of colors, styles, and types of fur that you will find yourself with more options than you ever knew.

Shelly furs makes lightweight, highly durable fur coats that will fit you perfectly and provide a one-of-a- kind look that is tailored specifically to you. You will have that ultimate, luxurious feel each time you pull on a luxurious, quality fur coat from Shelly Furs.

There are a wide variety of high-end clothing items -- from hand bags to shoes, shirts to fur coats -- that Swiss manufacturers provide at reasonable prices and will have you going back for more.

Durable, fashionable, and versatile, you will keep going back to make additions to your wardrobe from these Swiss manufacturers, filling your wardrobe with the best European clothing without having to pay the absurd prices that come along with that distinction.

Swiss Quality is not just a cool buzz term: it is a way of life. Buying from any of these (and other) Swiss manufacturers means that you get an attention to detail and an overall quality that cannot be matched. They strive to make the best clothing options available because there is no point in being second.

Swiss manufacturers are the way to go for your high-end clothing needs and you will find yourself adding so many more pieces to customize each outfit, making them totally your own.


akris brand

Source: Sweden Unlimited

Right off the bat comes a truly iconic Swiss women’s clothing brand, which has been making waves at home and abroad for almost 100 years. Akris is one of the oldest and most renowned Swiss fashion brands for women, founded in the town of St.Gallen all the way back in 1922. Today, the company produces an extensive catalog of clothing and accessories for the discerning female customer. Everything about the Akris design portfolio is unashamedly luxurious and ostentatious.


Bally Luxury Swiss Clothing Brand

Source: Bally

Initially established as a producer of fine footwear, Bally has been setting new standards in quality and sophistication for more than 150 years. Formed as a small business in the town of Solothurn, Bally quickly attracted the attention of discerning men and women across much of Switzerland. Expanding significantly over the years, today’s Bally is one of the foremost Swiss clothing brands for men and women, with a dynamic catalog of clothing, accessories, and eyewear. The brand’s winter boots and leather goods, in general, are particularly renowned.

Miranda Kaloudis Bags

Miranda Kaloudis Bags Brand

Source: Pinterest

A relatively new addition to the scene, MDK has already become one of the most noted Swiss women clothing brands of recent years. Miranda Kaloudis has earned widespread acclaim among industry experts and everyday shoppers alike, having produced a stunning range of apparel and accessories that perfectly combines form with function. With Miranda Kaloudis, it’s all about looking good, feeling good and enjoying the practicality needed to survive 21st-century urban life.

Jet Set

Jet Set company

Source: Jet Set

One of the most familiar Swiss fashion brands among winter sports fans, the origins of Jet Set date back to 1969 in St. Moritz. From day one, Jet Set was destined to become a truly remarkable luxury sportswear brand, with a particularly strong focus on ski fashion. The combination of creative prints, cutting edge materials and no-holds-barred sophistication results in eye-catching clothes and accessories for a discerning audience. Jet Set has also built an impressive international following over the years.


Mammut Swiss Mountain Clothing Brand

Source: Simply Hike

Perhaps the best known of all Swiss fashion brands overseas, Mammut has been recognized as a true innovator for more than 150 years. Founded as a humble rope making company in 1862, Mammut quickly expanded its output with an extensive range of outdoor alpine equipment. A true icon among Swiss men’s and women’s clothing brands, Mammut now has a product catalog that extends to climbing ropes, footwear, and all-around outdoor apparel. All combining functionality with quality and affordability at the highest level.


Navyboot Swiss Shoes Brand

Source: LDSGN

As the name quite rightly suggests, Navyboot is a leading Swiss clothing brand that takes more than design cues alone from military apparel. Originally inspired by the American Navy’s gangway shoe, Navyboot went on to create an extensive catalog of clothing and accessories with three primary areas of focus: robustness, timelessness and lightweight properties. The ultimate fusion of form and function from an iconic Swiss designer.


Strellson Clothing Brand from Switzerland for Men

Source: Strellson

If you had to name just one Swiss men’s fashion brand, this would probably be it. Despite having been founded as recently as 1985, Strellson has established a presence in more than 40 major markets worldwide. Having initially specialized exclusively in fashion-focused menswear, Strellson now offers an extensive catalog of casual jeans, jackets, business attire, fragrances, and leather goods. Strellson has experienced the kind of international success few comparable Swiss men’s clothing brands have achieved.

Bonocler I WEAR

Bonocler I WEAR Company

Source: World Fashion Hunters

Having recently opened its first and only physical store in Baden, Bonocler I WEAR is well on its way to hitting the big time. Rather than simply copying dozens of other Swiss fashion brands, these pioneering eyewear producers create unique designs unlike anything else on the market. In their own words - “Bonocler is a new interpretation of buying and wearing glasses.”

Tally Weijl

Tally Weijl Daily Clothing Company

Source: Fibre 2 Fashion

Another monumental success story from Switzerland, Tally Weijl is one of the most popular Swiss women’s clothing brands of all time. Despite having been in business for just 35 years, Tally Weijl has opened no less than 760 stores in almost 40 countries worldwide. The brand is renowned for designing and producing an extensive catalog of clothing and accessories for ultra-stylish girls and women of all ages.

Heavy Craft Switzerland

Heavy Craft Switzerland Apparel Company

Source: Heavy Craft Switzerland

Last but not least, Heavy Craft Switzerland is one of several up and coming Swiss clothing brands with the future in the palms of its hands. Outshining comparable Swiss fashion brands by taking a step away from the conventional, Heavy Craft Switzerland combines natural and high-tech fabrics to create striking garments with a firm focus on urban living.

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