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As consumers, when we go shopping, it's our duty to look into certain matters that have a positive impact on society. It's important to consider the working conditions of the people who make the clothes and accessories we wear, ensuring fair wages & environmentally safe working ambiance. Sadly enough, shoe production is not something that involves fair trading or good working condition. Rather it's the opposite, it involves environmentally hazardous production process and sweatshop labor.

In this article, we have come up with the list of top Vegan and Recycled Shoes Brands that not only manufactures luxury shoes but also act beyond the stereotypes. All these luxury shoe brands manufacture their fashion shoes in a more ethical manner. These vegan shoes are cruelty- free ensuring that your feet are not covered by the dead skin of an animal. These shoes are manufactured by combing green living principles with style and fashion. So even if the shoes are not made from high-end leather drawn from animals, they do not compromise with the fashion and style. One of the major issues surrounding shoes is they are difficult to recycle. Most shoes are made from components like plastic, leather, resin, and rubber that are difficult to recycle and they end up in landfills. This is the reason many Recycled shoe Brands have come up to reduce the environmental damaged caused by shoe production.

So in no particular order, here are top 15 vegans and recycled footwear brands that you should definitely check out:

1. Wills Vegan Shoes

Wills Vegan Shoes Sale

Wills Vegan Shoes is one such shoe brand that makes pure vegan boots and shoes that meets the green principle of production and is environmentally sustainable. These shoes are manufactured in Italy and Portugal. What is praiseworthy is that all their workers are protected by EU safety, health, and various other employment protection acts. Al their workers are paid equally without any discrimination or partiality. Even they have come with favorable working conditions for women workers as well such maternity leave and etc.

Shoe manufacture at the Wills factory is sustainably made so as to meet the requirements of a safe environment. Recyclable materials are sued that meets OEKO-TEX textile standard. This ensures that materials and textiles that are used in the manufacturing process meet consumer safety guideless. Also, note that their operations are carbon neutral. Another good part about this brand is when you order from here, you will receive the shoes in eco-friendly, recyclable and sustainable packaging.

2. Matt and Nat Vegan Shoes

MAtt and Nat Vegan shoes

Well, this particular brand gained popularity for its vegan luxury handbags. Very recently they have introduced their first collection of high-end vegan shoes. Matt and Nat represent ?material’ & ?nature’, so from there it’s clear that this brand produces only sustainable nature-friendly products. This brand launched its products with the idea of making something creative yet nature-friendly. The shoe collection launched by the brand is all cruelty-free and they use only plant-based, recycled and natural materials in the production process. Some of the materials they use include natural rubber, natural cork, recycled nylon & recycled rubber. The brand also offers favorable working conditions for the laborers.

3. Ahimsa - Handmade Vegan Shoes

vegan handmade shoes

Ahimsa is a Brazilian footwear brand that is super conscious about society and its needs. They do something beyond than manufacturing vegan shoes. Their motto is to make a cruelty-free environment and society and make the world a better place to live in. The vegan shoes from Ahimsa are made up of eco-friendly materials that can be recycled and do not cause harm to the environment. Further, Ahimsa manufactures the shoes in their very own workshop and each of their workers is equally paid and is given favourable working condition. You can check out the Ahimsa men collection. These boots are unique. The shoes come in a variety of colours and looks and patterns.


Toms Vegan Snickers

TOMS is one such brand that conducts one of the most charitable business models and till date, it has given free shoes to almost seventy-five million children around the world who needs them the most. These shoes are made up of sustainable materials that cause no harm to the environment. What is praiseworthy about the brand is, almost one-third of the total production is done in local communities to provide fair jobs to local people. With each passing year, they are coming up with new models that are eco-friendly; yet do not compromise fashion or style. Though they have a wide range of selection, they are best known for their casual shoe collection.

5. Native Shoes

Native Shoes Canada Example

Native is another 100% vegan Canadian footwear brand that maintains a light environmental footprint in its manufacturing process. The company uses low-emission production process and manufactures shoes with foam-injection moulding process to minimize waste production. Most of the Native shoes are lightweight and super comfortable to wear. The foam-injection moulding makes the shoe lightweight and easy to wear. Also, the brand has come up with a variety of everyday funky colours to choose from. These shoes are super comfy to wear and does not feel heavy on the feet. If you are looking for a brand that offers everyday sustainable shoes, this is the brand for you.

5. The Root Collective

ethically made shoes from Guatemala

The Root collective is a brand that does not believe in mass production, which means they want their customers to know that this particular shoe is handcrafted by someone with care. The Root Collective collaborates with local workers and craftsmen in Guatemala and tries to make the lives of these poor people better. The brand pays equal wages to the workers to maintain indiscrimination in the work culture. For them what matters is Ethics! They feel that ethically made shoes are actually a median to start a culture of kindness. The brand uses natural materials like wood and other recyclable materials that are sustainable and environment-friendly. The exclusive range of shoes is made up of natural materials that meet the green principles or production. They are most popular for their exclusive range of flats with adorable patterns and colors.

7. Allbirds

Allbirds Vegan Brand

The main mission why Allbirds came into the market is to start making shoes in a healthy and cruelty-free manner. Their shoes are made up of natural and sustainable materials, for example, Merino Wool (that is made from animal-friendly practices). The good thing about the brand is all their shoes have simple pricing structure. The sports and casual shoes are super light-weight and give you a comfortable feeling on your feet. These shoes are best for daily wear. One notable thing about the brand is when you order a pair of shoes from here; you will receive the shoes in recycled packaging. Check out the subtle colors and patterns.

8. Everlane

Everlane Recycled Shoes

If you are looking for a pair of long-lasting, elegant, luxury shoes, Everlane is the brand for you. Starting from loafers, sandals to shoes, here you will get a wide range of collection. Everlane is quite a transparent brand that discloses everything about their manufacturing process and factory location. Their white, black, brown shoes are like a long term investment that's going to stay in your wardrobe for years. Note that their shoes are made in a cruelty-free process and they have a direct partnership with factories. What's good about the brand, when you order your first pair of shoes you will receive free shipping on your order.

9. Bourgeois Boheme

boheme shoes vegan

Bourgeois Boheme is cruelty-free shoe brand that offers a wide range of products for both men and women. They use eco-friendly materials like pineapple leather, PVC-free faux leather & vegan microfiber to manufacture sustainable shoes. For coloring and designing, the brand uses plant-based polymers derived from renewable and natural sources which include seeds and grains. These seeds and grains are processed to make natural color out of it. Their classic collection of boots for men and women that is both environment-friendly and fashionable.

10. Olsen Haus

Olsen Haus Vegan Cruelty-Free Shoes

Years ago, we could not think of vegan shoes that can be equally stylish and fashionable as normal shoes. Elizabeth Olsen has changed the concepts of vegan shoes. The Olsen Haus is the first brand that has come up with vegan shoes that are super-fashionable, sexy and stylish. Their shoes are made of superior quality natural materials that meet the requirements of a safe environment. Ever thought of stilettos being Vegan? Yes, you heard it right! Olsen Haus offers high-end cruelty-free shoes that have a super classy and glamorous look. A wide collection of shoes with different price range are available online to choose from. Check out to find the best prices.

11. Unstitched utilities

unstitched utilities eco-friendly footwear

The founders of Unstitched Utilities understood the changing demand of customers. Customers these days are looking for cruelty-free, ethical and eco-friendly shoes that can honor their value. More and more people are getting conscious about their environment around. So they are looking for shoes that do not compromise the ethical values of society. Keeping that in mind, Unstitched Utilities uses vegan glues and dyes that are made from environment-friendly materials. Tyvek a high-density polyethylene fiber is used to make the shoes durable, breathable and water-resistant. The fiber from which the shoes are made is also vegan and can be recycled. The brand makes shoes for both men and women and has a wide range of collection to choose from.

12. Indosole

Indosole Vegan Footwear model

What is notable about this brand is, Indosole collects discarded tires and process them to make soles for their vegan shoes. Indosole, a certified B corporation aims at reducing the waste in the environment. This is the reason they have come up with recycling tires to make shoes. natural fibers like jute are used for designing and decoration. The brand offers a range of shoes that are light-weight, cool and simple. This socially conscious footwear brand is mostly preferred by travelers, surfers and other individuals who care about the environment.

13. Cri de Coeur

100% Vegan Brand

This is a compassionate vegan footwear brand that derives its name from "cry from the heart". The company has come with 100% cruelty-free vegan shoes that are not only eco- friendly but super trendy. The brand offers vegan stilettos, heels and other trendy luxury shoes for women that are best for glamorous events and parties. All of their contemporary products are ethically made and the workers involved in the manufacturing process are given favorable working condition.

14. Made Trade

Recycled Ladies Slippers

If you are looking for a popular luxury fair trade brand, Made Trade is the one for you. Made Trade is an online ethical platform which offers luxury fair trade shoes from brands like Coclico, Nisolo, and Chilote. Most of their products are manufactured with op values, either they are vegan and recyclable or sustainable or artisan or handmade. They do offer selective vegan shoes that are environment-friendly yet do not compromise with the style. They sell a wide range of shoes starting from vegan shoes, fair trade sneakers to heels and many more. These shoes are delivered in recycled packaging to make them environment-friendly.

15. Veja

Veja Kids Recycled Sneakers

In the case of athletic shoes or sports shoes, Veja is a brand that manufactures zero waste, eco-friendly shoes. Based in France, Veja has created a favorable working condition for many poor workers in the locality by helping disadvantageous people to work and earn. The materials used for manufacturing shoes are eco-friendly and organic. The production process strictly follows the green principles. Another praiseworthy thing about the brand is the packaging for shoes are made of recycled materials to reduce waste products. As Veja does not support mass production, you need place order at least 6 months before in advance. You will get a wide range of sports shoes with different color combination and patterns.


It's high time that we start caring about the environment. And nothing can be better than embracing vegan products. All of the brands mentioned above support a waste-free healthy and safe environment. They not only strictly follow the green principles but also manufacture shoes that meet the style and fashion of this generation. Take a step today for a better future!

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