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Luxury bra from Bahia collection

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The Fleurs de Plaisir Nightie boasts adjustable straps for a perfect fit.

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Contrasting panelsAdjustable straps Sheer tulle apexFloral embroideryUnderwired cups

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 The suspender belt  line adds elegance to any woman's hips, like a jewel that verges on glamour.Its multi-strand tulle is enhanced by lacing and satin bows.

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Exquisite embroideryContrasting cupsblack tulleUnderwired cupsLace wing straps

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Sexy but comfortable and offering good coverage. Romantic and elegant, the waist is emphasised with delicate lace.

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• Embroidered trim on tulle and lace • Lace panel• Satin lacing The delicately  lingerie combines embroidery.

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Seductive and refined  tangs. Contrasting colours for a really sexy look.

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Aubade Divin Bouquet  Italian Briefs

Aubade Brand Story

From Paris with love! 

That’s the exact phrase to describe the sumptuous lingerie line, Aubade. When corset specialist, Claude  Pasquier created the brand in 1958, he understood that women should not only be beautiful from the outside but also on the inside. He believed that the lingerie you wear should also make you feel sexy, polished, and sophisticated. He revolutionized how lingerie was viewed – from being pieces of necessities to becoming tools of seduction. 

Aubade Lingerie, Bikini, Bra, Nightie in our Shop

Each piece of Aubade lingerie and bikinis embody the feminine characteristic - charming and erotic, confident and soft, daring and charming. True to its French origins, Aubade lingerie is made from the finest tulle, and Lycra enhanced with French embroidery. If you want to feel this sophisticated elegance hugging your body, you can buy Aubade lingerie by visiting Aubade online shop.

The colors are well-thought-of as well. Black embodies the sophisticated elegance of a woman as well as her mysterious appeal. Red, on the other hand, represents the fierceness and strength of her character in any given situation. 

Aubade Men Underwear

Aubade does not only understand women but men, too. Aubade Men, which was launched in 2013, serves as an inspiration to men that they too can feel sexy and stylish from the inside out. It also reflects the confident and playful nature of men. They believe that Aubade men’s underwear doesn’t have to look uninviting and boring. Men also need to look good not only for their partners but for themselves as well.

Aubade Online

Aubade online Brandable shop also features a line of sexy and mischievous Aubade underwear line for men and women. Named Boîtes à Désir (literally translated as ”box of desire”), this line is created for romantic affairs. 

If you want to buy Aubade online lingerie, we have a wide range of Aubade bikinis and lingerie.