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- Fine tights with florally  pattern - Perfect FALKE fit - 40 DEN

$22.88 $32.68 -30%

- Fine tights with a sophisticated panty section - 3D knitting technique (jacquard) - Perfect FALKE fit - 15 DEN

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- Fine tights with pattern - Tulle base, plaited - Perfect FALKE fit - 20 DEN.

$22.88 $32.68 -30%

Women's Stockings Self-locking FALKE 20den

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- Fine tights with pattern - 3D knitting technique - Perfect FALKE fit - 30 DEN .

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- Knee-high socks with  appliqués - Plaited 3D knee-high socks - Perfect FALKE fit - 30 DEN

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The floral decorative lace waist border fits your body perfectly. The 20 denier fabric composition softly flatters the legs and conjures up a beautifully even mat look.

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- Ultra-transparent tights that give your legs an incredibly natural look - 12 den appearance - Unreinforced toe (sandal toe) - Maximum comfort thanks to the perfect FALKE fit

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Slightly shiny, opaque sheer tights with velvety finish - Perfect FALKE fit ensures comfort - High-quality flat seams and durable toe with comfortable soft-seam finishing.

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Elegant, matt sheer tights - 100 den appearance - Maximum comfort thanks to the perfect FALKE fit - High-quality flat seams and durable toe with comfortable soft-seam

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Matte, semi-opaque tights with the perfect FALKE fit for evenly beautiful legs.

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- Seamless workmanship - Soft cotton - Pleasant feeling on the skin - Classy long-sleeved bodysuit - Elegant stand-up collar

Falke Brand Story

Falke also knows this, and socks are what built this company in 1895. Even during its beginning, founder Franz Falke-Rohen believed that having a pair of good socks is very important, especially during the cold months. Throughout the years, the brand has evolved, but the premium quality it was known for remains consistent.

Falke Tights 

Falke creates the finest quality legwear, tights, sultry socks and pantyhoses for women and men. Feel special with our range of Falke tights and socks available online in different styles and designs. Falke Tights are an essential fashion daily item. Every woman who is aware of the impact of dressing well knows this. 

Falke Stockings

Falke is one of the top brands in Europe not only for high-quality, fashionable stockings but also tights, socks, polo golfs. Just like Falke tights, Falke leggings, and t-shirts carry the signature Falke quality. That’s because they believe that fashion class comes from handcrafted perfection. You can check more Falke sportswear items at our Falke shop online.

We have a wide range of Falke activewear in our shop. This collection has received various awards for its innovative design and high-tech functionality. That is to ensure optimum performance when you engage in your favorite sports regular workout. 

Falke has a socks collection for children and babies too. We created them with your baby’s comfort in mind. Falke baby socks come in exciting colors that will make your young ones look even much cuter than before.

Falke Socks & Stockings

Don’t miss out on our Falke socks sale we launch occasionally. Check out the Falke Sportwear page on our website to take advantage of our different clothing items at a specially discounted price. You can also buy some Falke socks for your man or your kids. Dress in Falke style from head to toe. Visit our Falke tights and Falke socks online shop, and own a fabulous Falke now!