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New for Autumn Winter 2020, the Wanda collection includes a range of elegant nightwear.


These ‘Pure Comfort’ trousers are part of the HANRO easy going, casual wear range that is comfortable for leisure, office or at home


This ‘Pure Comfort’ long sleeved top is part of the HANRO easy going.


New for Autumn Winter 2020. This popular seasonal winter range that offers warmth on a cold winters day.


Hanro of Switzerland offer the finest in luxury underwear.The Hanro woollen lace top is new for Autumn Winter 2020.


The Hanro woolen lace top is new for Autumn Winter 20


A lightweight fabric blend for light sports or loungingReinforced at the back and abdomen for additional supportSeamless design for comfort


A style that is great for soft sports, comfort and lounging.


This short sleeve short pajama is the perfect gift to give or buy one for yourself.


Airy fabric decorated with floral lace Low rise with the least amount of rear coverage


Airy fabric decorated with floral lace Bandeau styling Padded bra fastener 


 This zip jacket looks great paired back with either the pant or shorts in the group. Consider it as an outerwear piece as well.

Hanro Underwear

There have been a lot of things that man has put on over the centuries. Among them were simple cloths that man would tie around the waist, to some that just went over the legs to give some sort of covering.

Slowly, these clothes started to become functional and slowly became a necessity for more other than just covering the bare nakedness of people. It became more about comfort, and about keeping oneself warm when the period of the year was not favorable to normal human activities.

During the age of enlightenment, a lot of things changed. And these changes were further reinforced by the Industrial Revolution. Thus, the formal underwear was born, and who were among the first to give people the comfort they were looking for?

Well, none other than Hanro Underwear.

Hanro nightgowns

This is a company that has dedicated its entire existence to providing quality undergarments to generations of people all over the world. With products ranging from Hanro underwear, Hanro nightgowns and other Hanro sleepwear, if you need something to feel more comfortable in, Hanro has got you covered. Hanro Nightgowns are our most appreciated sleepwear items across the whole European manufacturers’ sleepwear landscape. Nightgowns by Hanro are very enjoyable and durable.

Hanro Sleepwear: how comfortable is it?

Just by the fact that the company has existed since 1884, that should immediately tell you that people have found Hanro sleepwear to be quite functional, and also quite good looking. Depending on the material you like, whether cotton or wool, you will always find Hanro sleepwear that fits your lifestyle and preferences.

With over 136 years of experience, you can be sure that a lot of research and experimentation has gone into crafting Hanro underwear. Throughout all these years, they’ve narrowed down to the designs and materials that have been working for a lot of people.

Is there anything more comfortable than Hanro Underwear?

We can answer that for you. No matter how you like, or how low you go looking, whether it is to the East, or to the West, you will never find anything else as comfortable as Hanro underwear. Over 136 years of specializing on one item of clothing meant perfecting the art, before bringing all their experience to other types of clothing.

Apart from the functional underwear, a Hanro sale will usually include other types of clothing such as cardigans, trousers, jackets, turtleneck shirts, tank tops and so much more.

Hanro Sale: where can you find one?

When it comes to a Hanro Sale, many stores will claim to have the best deals out there for you. Well, all you have to do is just look at our stocks and the prices listed and you will recognize that no other store offers the kind of discounts that we have for you.

Some of the products on the site are going for discounts of up to 50 percent. If you find a store with better discounts, they’re probably selling off their stock.

For a wide range of Hanro underwear and Hanro nightgowns, there is only one place to browse everything they have to offer, and there’s one place to get the best deals on a Hanro sale. That place is here.

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For over 160 years, Hanro of Switzerland has been crafting the finest sleepwear, underwear, and loungewear for women and men. ... Hanro Underwear only uses luxury finest fabrics sourced from all over the world.