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Antarctica Brand Story

Winter is coming, and you’d better keep your feet warm with a pair of reliable boots. And when it comes to boots that have been tested and proven, Antarctica is the name. It is a Canadian wool and footwear company that specializes in footwear for women and children. 

It has been creating different kinds of boots — some fancy, some simple. But no matter what their boots look like, each pair carries the value and creativity the brand has been known for.

Best Antarctica Boots for the Winter

There are many brands and types of winter boots in the market. How do you choose the right one for you?

When shopping for women’s boots online or in a store, you should be considering warmth and comfort first. Our feet lose heat faster than the rest of the body; thus, it makes sense to cover it comfortably. Make sure that the boots you buy should have the proper lining and insulation. 

The next thing you should be checking is whether the boots you’re buying is waterproof or not. There are times when the weather can be wet and slushy. Prevent cold water from getting into your feet by making sure the boots you’re going to purchase are waterproof. 

You should also check the soles, whether they have a good grip or not. Soles with bumps and crevices give excellent traction and will keep you from slipping on slippery, icy paths. 

Lastly, boots that use laces fit your legs better, but it doesn’t mean that you should forego boots that use zippers. When you do buy one with zippers, open and close them several times to check their fit.

Antarctica Winter Ankle Boots on Sale

When it comes to winter boots, Antarctica ankle boots live up to its name. It protects your feet from the cold and keeps it comfortable when you are outside. We ship worldwide free of charge.