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Versace Jeans Shopper bag with logo
Furla Oval Leather Crossbody Bag
Furla Oval Leather bag with methal logo
Furla CARA Bag with adjustable strap
Eastpak Padded Backpack
Emporio Armani Zip-lock quilted crossbody bag
Eastpak Medium Backpack with logo on the front
Furla SWING Crossbody Bag
Furla Block Mini Cross-body Bag
Love Moschino - JC4012PP1BLA
Love Moschino - JC4082PP1BLM
Love Moschino - JC4035PP1BLE

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Bags are not just a necessity where we can put our stuff when we are on the go. They are also a reflection of our personality and style. No matter what a lot of people might say, the clothes we wear and the bags we carry will make an impression on the people we meet. 

Luxury Bags Online

There are different kinds of bags, and they have different uses. Every occasion and each type of clothing calls for a different kind of bag. For example, you'll feel awkward if you carry a tote bag on your way to the Oscars in a shiny red gown. On the other hand, it's not practical to be carrying a small purse when you go out with a baby in your arms. 

We made a list of the different kinds of bags as a guide if you are planning to buy branded bags online:

  • Hobo bag - a large bag with a slouchy shape and is usually made of soft materials. 

  • Messenger bag - also called a courier bag because it was inspired by the bag carried by mailmen in the past. 

  • Tote bag - considered a must-have shopping bag for women because of its large size.

  • Satchel - this is a small, rectangular bag with long straps and a single or double fastener in the front. 

  • Bowler bag - this is a medium-sized bag with a dome-shaped top and short handles. It got its name because it was inspired by bowling bags.

  • Wristlet - this is a small clutch bag with a small strap that resembles a bracelet.

  • Clutch - it is a flat handbag without any straps.

Our luxury online shop carries all these types of bags as well as luxury outlet handbags. Each brand has several models in different colors. 

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Don't go anywhere else if you are planning to shop for branded bags online. Here at Brandable, you're sure that you'll get the real thing for a fair price.