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Balmain Gradient lenses sunglasses
Balmain Cat Eye Sunglasses

Balmain Eyewear Brand 

Balmain is one of the premium eyewear brands in the market. All their sunglasses are made from high-grade materials. Their frames are made from color-rich stainless steel, premium cellulose acetate, and ultra-lightweight titanium. The lenses, on the other hand, uses high-impact resistant materials that provide 100% protection against UV rays. 

Choosing the Right Balmain Eyewear 

When shopping for sunglasses, it pays to know the different eyewear styles, so you can pick the one that complements your face. There are five eyewear styles — aviators, wayfarers, club frames, round frames, and square frames.

Aviators have teardrop frames, and are perfect for square and you d faces. They got their name because they were originally created to protect the eyes of WWII pilots. After the war, it remained popular and transitioned from the cockpit to the catwalk. 

Balmain Wayfarers are nicknamed ”D-frames” because it's lenses are similar to the letter ”D.”  They complement long, round, and oval faces. Take note, though, that they come in two sizes — regular and oversized. So it's better to try them first to see which looks better on you. 

Also called ”brownlines,” club frames were popularized by Malcolm X and Lyndon Johnson. The thick upper frames that sit across the brows are perfect for those with oval, square, heart, and round-shaped faces because they draw away the attention from the face. 

John Lennon and Harry Potter were, perhaps, the most popular people often associated with round frames. They will also look good on people with square, heart, and oval-shaped faces. 

Lastly, square frames are the perfect eyewear for people with round faces because they give the illusion of a chiseled jawline and strong cheekbones. 

Balmain Sunglasses on Sale

Brandable is proud to present our collection of Balmain eyewear in our online store. We have aviators, wayfarers, clubframes, round frames, and square frames in various colors.