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Blauer Men's bomber

Blauer, an American Tradition

Blauer is an American clothing brand that initially designed and manufactured clothing for the police and the military. Just like most brands, the company has expanded to create quality clothing outside the people in uniform. 

Louis Blauer established Blauer Manufacturing in 1936 in Boston. It primarily manufactured jackets, dress raincoats, sports coats. Continuous research and development led to innovative products. Until now, Blauer has remained the top manufacturer of clothing for those in public services. 

In 2001, the Italian fashion holding company FGF Industry signed a licensing agreement to introduce the brand to the fashion industry. Now, people are enjoying the same quality clothes Blauer has been known for. 

Blauer Jackets for Men and Women

There’s no perfect time to purchase a new jacket than now. As winter seems to be getting harsher every year, investing in a good jacket is a must. 

Blauer has a complete collection of jackets and coats for men and women, which you can find on Brandable. We have short and long down jackets, military and police jackets, parkas, and more. 

Down jackets, also called puffer jackets, are insulated with either duck or goose down feathers. The down feathers are perfect insulators because they trap the heat while allowing air to breathe around. However, if you live in areas with a wet climate, down jackets are not advisable because the feathers will clump and lose their insulation properties. 

In such cases, getting a jacket with artificial insulation is advisable because they can withstand wet climates. The only downside is that they are bulkier and heavier than down jackets. 

Shop for Blauer Jackets Online

Whatever kind of jacket you need for a specific occasion or climate, you can certainly find them in our Blauer collection. There’s no better time to buy a jacket than now. Hurry up and check our website and avail of our Blauer jackets special discounts.