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The Complete Guide to Lingerie from A to Z

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When you hear the word “lingerie,” it evokes pictures of femininity, sexiness, allure, and even power. Here is a full guide. Read on.

When you hear the word “lingerie,” it evokes pictures of femininity, sexiness, allure, and even power. Indeed, wearing the right kind of lingerie can boost your confidence. Perhaps, it is the feel of the luxurious fabric and lace that hugs your skin. But no matter what the reason is, the right lingerie makes a woman daring without creating the wrong impression. 

No matter what the occasion is or what type of clothes you wear outside, self-confidence stems from the inside and that includes the lingerie you wear. The confidence you feel about your body comes from the knowledge that you are wearing clothing that enhances your body features and your personality. 

Choosing the Right Lingerie for You

Choosing lingerie is more than just buying a set of underwear at the store. The word “lingerie” is not just panties and bras but there are different types of lingerie. Knowing each one of them will help you choose which one to wear for different occasions. 

Baby Doll

It is a very delicate nightdress that is made up of very lightweight material like silk, satin, chiffon, or charmeuse. It has light, thin straps and is usually cut off the thigh and has a slight sway to it to give it a flirtatious or very feminine touch. 

Body Stocking

If pantyhose is for the legs, body stocking is for the body. Just like the pantyhose, it is made of nylon, lycra, or any elastic material. Since a body stocking uses lightweight material, it could be sheer and very revealing. However, there are also body stocking materials that have intricate lace patterns and panels that give you a more modest appearance. They also have different designs, such as thin straps or plunging necklines. Some designs have full arms. Wearing it creates a sultry and enchanting look. 


Like the body stocking, a bodysuit is a one-piece lingerie. What makes the two different is that a body stocking covers the full body while a bodysuit covers the shoulders from the top of the legs (imagine a one-piece bathing suit), and has a fastener at the bottom or at the shoulders. It is often interchanged with teddies because it is often made of fine fabric like lace. Most often, however, the bodysuit is plain and sturdy and can be worn in itself as a top paired with a skirt or jeans. 


Originally, the brassiere was created more for support rather than a fashion item but has evolved into becoming a fashionable piece of clothing. The right bra can not just give you comfort and support but can enhance the shape and appearance of the dress you wear. 

The right bra can complement your outfit but can be attractive on its own right. Some brassieres are designed to make your bust line appear bigger using carefully placed padding and bones that lift your breasts to make a fuller cleavage. Some have underwire to give your breasts support and make your breasts appear rounder. 

Brassieres come in different sizes, shapes, and fits because each woman has a different body type, and wearing a bra that really fits your body well is vital. Bras can also be sporty, patterned, plain, or lacy. Therefore, you have a wide range to choose from no matter what the occasion is.


A bralette is a type of bra without an underwire or support. It is usually ideal for women who have smaller breasts.  Most often than not, bralettes have no clasps and should be worn through your head like you would a shirt. 


Briefs or knickers come in all shapes and sizes to complement each body type. Briefs can only be classified as lingerie if they are edgier, classier, and flattering. In other words, they should not look like your grandma’s knickers. 

Briefs have different designs and cuts. They could be either high or low-waisted, and they could have a very high cut to the legs to accentuate the thighs.  


A bustier is a cross between a bra and a corset. They highlight the breasts more than a corset would do; hence, the name.  The bustier is ideal for women who have smaller breasts because they give the breasts an extra lift making it look like you have fuller breasts.  

The corset-like part of the bustier has bones in the seam, making the waists look like an hourglass shape. Bustiers, together with corsets, are perfect for women who have straight bodies because it gives the body the added curves needed. 


A camisole, or cami, is a sexy undergarment made of light fabric and has lacy trimming to give you a soft and sultry look. The lace trims are usually around the bust. area and the bottom hem. It has shoulder straps and can be worn like a tank top or an undergarment. You can also use it as sleepwear. When choosing a camisole, always go for neutral hues. 


The chemise was originally designed as an outer garment or a frock, popularized in the 17th century by none other than Marie Antoinette. The modern chemise is a far cry from the original. Instead, it is a soft and short dress that hangs from the shoulders and can be used either as an undergarment or sleepwear. It is often made of satin, silk, velvet, lace, or cotton. Silk or satin chemise is soft and sensual while velvet chemise looks seductive. The chemise is very feminine and embodies the innocent yet romantic image of women.


The corset is a tight undergarment used to highlight the curves and shape of your body. Also called a girdle, corsets are made of bones and laces that can be manipulated to make your waist look smaller or your bosom fuller. 

Originally, corsets were very uncomfortable to wear because users pull them tightly. Modern-day corsets are comfortable and vary in length — some start below the lower rib cage while some taper off the waist, giving a different effect. 

Laces can be placed at the front, back, or sides, depending on the designer. Some corsets use clasps and fasteners instead of laces. Even their purpose these days vary — some are designed to enhance the body shape while some are simply to make you feel alluring. 

Lingerie Sets

Wearing a matching top and bottom lingerie set makes you feel confident and alluring. Although it might be considered an indulgence, there’s something about lingerie sets that boost a woman’s self-confidence. 

Lingerie sets can be purchased as a set or can be bought separately. They originally include a bra and knickers/bikini, but you can find other different kinds of lingerie briefs. You can also choose the color and material you want. 

Lingerie sets can look simple and sporty or racy and alluring. They can look plain or have patterns and embroidery that would make you feel pretty. 


Negligees are often made of lace, silk, or other lightweight material. Their length varies from a short, floaty, skirt to a sumptuous, flowing floor-length dress. 

Most often, negligees are either worn with or without a belt. But no matter what your preference is of wearing them, the feel of the exquisite fabric against your skin somehow boosts your confidence. 


A playsuit is a type of romper that looks like a camisole or a teddy. It is usually made of satin or silk, or any lightweight material that feels comfortable when you wear it to sleep. A playsuit can be a one-piece or separate top and shorts that hangs loosely so you can move comfortably. 


A slip is a sheer, flowing dress made of nylon, satin, or silk. Most slips have either thin or wide straps with different shapes or patterns. They usually flair out from under the chest and flow down until the thighs. 

You can either wear it as sleepwear or under your dress to give it a little flair. Slips are ideal for women who have an inverted triangle shape because it evens out their narrow hips and waist. 

Suspender Belt

A suspender belt is usually attached at the waist or below the knickers. They come with clips to hold the top of the stockings. 

Traditionally, they are used to simply hold the stockings in place. However, there have been different designs and variations that are meant to aesthetically capture the attention. If you look at the suspender belts these days, they usually have a number of complicated straps that are designed to draw attention to the legs and waist. 


A teddy can make you look sweet and innocent or playful and seductive. This lingerie piece is designed to make your body appear longer as it flows from your shoulders up to the knickers. 

Some teddies are plain and straight while others have either a plunging or sweetheart neckline. They can reveal less or more of your skin, depending on your preference. 


A thong is a type of bottom lingerie that has a small panel at the front and tapers into a small strap to reveal much of the buttocks. They are usually worn when wearing tight-fitting jeans or dresses to eliminate the visible panty line. 

Which Lingerie is Perfect for Your Body?

There is a wide range of lingerie for your body shape whether you have a round or an inverted triangle body shape, or whether you are big or thin. There’s also lingerie for you whether you want to look sweet or sexy. The question is, “how do you know that this lingerie is the perfect match for your body type?” You need not look further because we have included that in this article.  

Inverted Triangle

If your shoulders are wider than your hips, you have an inverted triangle body type. The best lingerie for this body type is a halter because it brings focus to your busts. If your buttocks are flat, go for a teddy with a racerback neckline or criss-cross back so it diverts the attention away from your bum. Another option is a bralette paired with a lacy bikini or a camisole set if you prefer a tamer look. 


A round body type has a wider waistline or upper body torso than the hips. In such cases, you need lingerie that balances your body shape to make it look proportionate. A negligee that covers your waistline and highlights your bustline is a good choice. A teddy or a pair of chemise are also good choices because it makes you look sexy while giving you ample cover. 


Lingerie that has plunging necklines or high cut legs are the perfect choices for ladies who are petite because it makes them look taller. Choose lingerie that has lace or scalloped edges to give you a more feminine feel. 


If you have an hourglass figure, you can choose any type of lingerie and still look good in it. But if you want to add more oomph to your body, longline bras, high-waisted bottoms, a high-leg, lacy bikini, or thong is the perfect choice for you. 

Triangle or Pear-shaped

Ladies with wider hips, small shoulders, and smaller bustlines belong to the triangle or pear-shaped body type. If you want to make your body look proportionate, go for a negligee that fits the breasts and flows from the hips down.  

A lacy bikini and bra ensemble will also balance your waist and shoulders. If you want to highlight your breasts more, go for a bustier with lace edges. 


If your body has no defined curves, you have a rectangle or athletic body type. Avoid wearing padded lingerie but choose ones that are strappier. These types of lingerie allow you to adjust them higher on the waist, giving your body a curvier look. 

You can also use corsets that cinch on the waist to give you more curves. Push-up bras are also a good idea to accentuate your bustline.

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