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How to Wear a Pocket Watch

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These days, there are four kinds of pocket watches — the open-faced watch, hunter, half-hunter, or double hunter. Here's how to wear them with style.

Pocket watches are one of those things who endure the changes in time. They were first introduced in the 16th century but its popularity waned during World War II. 

The first pocket watches were called Nuremberg eggs because they are quite sizable. They were worn around the neck, looking like the big gold pendants worn by rappers these days. In 1672, King Charles II commissioned a much smaller version, which could fit into the pocket. That became the model for the modern pocket watch.

These days, there are four kinds of pocket watches — the open-faced watch, hunter, half-hunter, or double hunter. 

An open-faced pocket watch has no glass cover over the watch face while a hunter watch is encased in a metal cover. You can flip the cover if you want to check the time.

A half-hunter pocket watch is also encased in a metal cover with glass in the middle. Then, you don’t have to flip the cover open before you can see the time. A double hunter, on the other hand, has an opening cover both on the front and on the back. 

They might be deemed impractical these days, but it is still one of the standard accessories of classic menswear.  They have even become an heirloom passed down from generation to generation, a nostalgic remembrance of a bygone era. 

If you are wondering how to wear a pocket watch properly, the type of chain attached to it greatly influences where you should put it and how you should wear it.

Types of Pocket Watch Chains

Belt bar

The belt bar looks like a small belt chain. You can clip or slide this type of chain on top of your pants. Then, you can easily slide the watch into your pocket. 

Bolt ring

The bolt ring is considered as the most versatile type of chain because you can put it anywhere in your clothing. You can attach it to the belt loop of your pants, or you can clip it on the buttonhole of your shirt, best, or waistcoat.

Albert T-bar

It got its name because it is shaped like a “T”. There are two types of T-bar chain — a single Albert and a double Albert. 

A single Albert, as the name implies, is a pocket watch suspended by a single chain. The chain is left hanging when you place the watch inside your pocket. 

A double Albert, on the other hand, has two chains with the pocket watch on one end and a fob on the other end. 

Whatever type you wear, you attach the T-bar through the buttonhole of your shirt or jacket to secure it. If you prefer, you can place a medallion or a fob on the T-bar itself as an ornament. 

Wearing a Pocket Watch for a Formal Event 

One of the most popular events where men sport a pocket watch is weddings. Using it as an accessory adds an air of gentility and brings your look to the next level. Whether you are just a guest, the best man, or the groom himself, adding a pocket watch to your ensemble will surely make you stand out. 

But you have to remember that there is a difference when you wear it on your waistcoat or your suit. 

How to Wear a Pocket Watch on Your Waistcoat

Wearing a pocket watch on your waistcoat is very traditional and stylish. It gives a classic feel to your whole get-up when you decide to wear it this way. 

To get the look right, use either a T-bar or bolt ring chain with the pocket watch attached to the other end while the other end goes through your waistcoat buttonhole. Then, you can put the pocket watch into your waistcoat, leaving the chain hanging for a show as a decorative piece. 

How to Wear to Pocket Watch on Your Suit

A suit is preferable if you are attending other formal events, such as corporate parties, because it creates a powerful impression. 

Whether you’re wearing a three-piece suit or not, there are several ways to wear a pocket watch and get away with a classic look. One, you can attach your pocket watch chain through the buttonhole of your jacket and slip the watch into your jacket pocket. You can also attach your pocket watch chain through your belt loop using a belt loop chain, and put your watch into your trouser pocket. 

Wearing a Pocket Watch Casually

While wearing a pocket watch is often associated with formal wear, you can still wear it on your casual clothes, just like the old days. Adding a pocket watch to your ensemble creates an air of class. Perfect your smart-casual get-up with these suggestions on how to wear your pocket watch. 

How to Wear Your Watch without a Jacket or Waistcoat

The easiest way to incorporate the pocket watch in your casual clothing is with a shirt. Try pairing a white shirt with loafers and chinos. Then, you can attach your pocket watch to your shirt buttonhole. You can also attach the chain to your belt loop and let the pocket watch slip into your trouser pocket. 

How to Wear Your Watch with Jeans

A pocket watch and jeans seem like a very unlikely combination. Some can’t even imagine putting the two together. However, it’s just a matter of finding the right styling to make this unlikely pair meld together and create a fantastic result. 

If you are going to use a pocket watch with your jeans, use dark-colored jeans like black, dark blue, and grey. Stonewashed jeans create a very casual look and contrast to your pocket watch. Slim and straight jeans are also preferable than loose and baggy jeans. Pair your jeans with a shirt or a blazer jacket to perfect the smart casual combination. 

Attach your pocket watch chain to the belt loop of your jeans and slip the pocket watch into your jeans pocket. 

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