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Swiss Made: a sign of impeccable quality, precision, innovation, elegance and luxury.

Most often when you think of Swiss Made goods watches, cheese, and chocolate are the first products to come to mind. Although these goods are the most popular Swiss products to be purchased internationally, Switzerland is home to brands from various different sectors.

The Swiss Made label was original created for watches as a standardized mark of quality for the Swiss produced items. Swiss watches have an unrivaled reputation based on their durability, technical advancements and aesthetics Now these traits and many others have been used in a variety of new products and have caused the Swiss Made label to be an internationally acknowledged mark of high quality.

This year the Swiss Made label celebrated its 100th anniversary and has grown over the past century to include a products from a variety of industries, such as, jewelry, clothing, shoes, fountain pens, computer parts, ski equipment and many more. In order for a product to declare it is Swiss Made the product must undergo its essential manufacturing processes within Switzerland or the majority of the costs to produce the product must take place in Switzerland. For example: in clothing, fabric may be bought abroad but the shirt must be sewn and assembled in Switzerland to receive the designation.

As a proud Switzerland based company, Brandable has begun focusing on Swiss Made fashion brands to promote local business, increase awareness of new Swiss products internationally, and correspondingly helping the designers to grow. This new initiative will bring on board at least three new Swiss brands this fall, all with a unique story and vision we are excited to share with you.


New for fall:

Old Captain Co. – Lugano; ready-to-wear and custom shirts for men and women

ShelliFurs SA – Lugano; to wear and custom made fur apparel for women

Baabuk – Renens; footwear for men, women and children

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