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Carrera Jeans - CB1701

Carrera Jeans Online

Once upon a time, there were three brothers from Verona, Italy, who decided to manufacture jeans using denim. Employing some of the best tailors in their area, they set out and established Carrera Jeans in 1965. Many decades have already passed yet the brand lives on — thanks to their consistent and passionate commitment to bringing new technologies and innovation. 

The brand has grown from a simple millinery into an online brand. You can now experience the artistic craftsmanship of their jeans because they have created their virtual arm — Carrera Jeans online. Therefore, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world because you can have them with just one click of your mouse. 

Carrera Jeans Boots

Aside from jeans, the brand also has a shoe section aptly called Carrera Jeans Boots. Like their pants, you can see and feel the expert craftsmanship in every pair of boots. They have tall boots as well as low and high ankle boots. 

Since there are many types of boots, how do you know when to choose either from the types of boots — ankle or tall boots? 

Tall boots are ideal for women with shorter legs because tall boots give an illusion of height and length. 

For men, on the other hand, ankle boots are a versatile piece of footwear. However, the type of ankle boots they wear will affect their clothing style. For example, wearing Chelsea ankle boots look very sleek and sexy while the classic combat boots can make you look edgy. Work boots, on the other hand, give a relaxed aura and go well with denim pants. 

Carrera Jeans Belts

Carrera Jeans belts and accessories are also part of the brand’s line. Belts might look small compared to jeans and shoes but the belt you choose can either become your centerpiece that brings your clothing ensemble together or just an accent. Therefore, you need some careful thought as well when buying a belt.

The first consideration should be your waist measurement and after that is the type of buckle. Fashion experts say that the bigger your buckle is, the less formal the belt becomes. So if you are looking for a belt for your suit or party dress, choose a narrower belt with a small, flat buckle. Lastly, black or brown leather belts go well with dress clothes while belts with rare animal patterns go well with casual clothing.