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Coach Monogrammed Cross-body Bag
Coach Elegant Black Bag with embroidery on the front
Coach Embroidery Purple Bag

Coach Bags History

Coach is an American luxury brand that reflects the bold, innovative, and free-spirited American spirit. It was established as a family-run workshop in New York in 1941. The first workshop has only six artisans but their goal and purpose we're clear — create functional and beautiful designs from the most luxurious premium leather.

Nowadays, Coach bags are one of the most sought-after luxury brands when it comes to bags. Not only have they grown in influence but in size as well. Today, Coach has more than 2000 employees worldwide. 

Coach Bags Online

Coach bags have a reputation for having classy and timeless designs. They are must-have items for many women. In fact, some young ladies consider receiving Coach bags or Coach backpacks a right of passage. 

Coach bags have consistently provided bags that balance classic and trendy designs. There are even Coach bags online that have edgy designs — a reflection that they are up with the times. Most of all, there is a wide range of shapes, colors, and sizes to choose from whether you are a fashionista or just looking for something that is functional. 

When choosing Coach bags, you need to know that they use three kinds of materials — leather, canvas, and PVC vinyl — for their product. Leather bags have various grains, colors, and finishes. Canvas comes from different fabric blends and Coach bags using this can sometimes look bulky. PVC vinyl is lightweight and more flexible. 

While Coach backpacks are good for carrying a good amount of items, they are very casual and not a good choice for work or dress clothes.

If you are a minimalist, choosing a small Coach bag is a good choice. However, they only hold the bare essentials like your phone or your keys. Mid-sized coach bags are the go-to essentials of a lot of women. That's because they have a good enough room not only for the essentials but for a lot more. Lastly, large Coach bags are for those who want to consolidate their things into one stylish and functional bag. These bags are ideal if you always have to carry your laptop and need more space for their phones, keys, and more.

Coach Backpacks 

Buying Coach backpacks or Coach bags online has never been easy as it was 10 or 20 years ago. There are a lot of reputable vendors that make Coach backpacks available online. Not many of them deliver your best Coach Backpacks for free to any part of the Globe as we do. Check out the Brandable website for our Coach bags!