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Diesel Brand History

Diesel was born in 1978 when its founder, Renzo Rosso, dreamt of creating innovative denim. He chose the name “Diesel” for his brand because of the oil crisis that was happening during that time. As diesel became the alternative fuel during that time of crisis, Rosso wanted the brand to be an alternative when it comes to denim jeans. 

After many years of relentless campaign and design innovation, Diesel has become an industry leader in fashion as well as in advertising. At present, Diesel has been able to produce 2,000 different denim washes and has 400 stores all over the world. What's more, it has expanded its product line from jeans to shirts and accessories as well. 

Diesel Jeans Online

You can choose the best Diesel Jeans online by fit or by style. There are six different kinds of fit — skinny, slim, straight, tapered, carrot, and bootcut.

Skinny jeans are fitted at the thighs and narrow at the ankles creating a skinny silhouette. Slim fitted jeans are also fitted at the thighs but have more room at the ankles. Straight cut, on the other hand, has a comfortable fit on the hips and goes straight to the legs and the ankles. Tapered jeans are narrower only at the ankle so that the seams sit comfortably on your shoes. Carrot cut has wide hips but narrower ankles and calves. It also has a low crotch for a more relaxed look. Lastly, bootcut is designed for boots so it has streamlined legs and widens at the calves. 

Buy Diesel Sunglasses

Just like their denim, Diesel sunglasses are also innovative and stylish. They have a wide range of cool Diesel eyewear from classic aviators to quirky square frames made of mixed materials or reinvented archive opticals. 

You can choose between Diesel sports sunglasses and tactical glasses, or power edge and retro master sunglasses. Both the sports and tactical Diesel sunglasses have polycarbonate lenses which are ten times more resistant than plastic and glass. Meanwhile, the retro master club and power edge sunglasses have UV400 sun protection.