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Docksteps Boots

Docksteps is an Italian shoe brand that carries the quality and durability that Italian footwear is known for. Docksteps boots are a combination of fashion, luxury, and affordability. Each pair of footwear we make is designed by professionals and created by hand by expert craftsmen. 

Docksteps Boots Online

The key to picking the right pair of Docksteps boots online is to understand the different types of boots. There are different kinds for men and women and there are some that apply to both genders. They include chelsea, wedge, chukka, engineer, jodhpur ankle, and lace-up boots. 

Chelsea boots are the oldest boot style designed by Queen Victoria’s personal bootmaker. Despite being the oldest, it is also the most popular because you can pair them with formal or casual clothes. 

If you want one pair of Docksteps boots that go well with your dress, pants, or shorts, choose wedge boots. This versatile Docksteps boots pair is also the perfect match for any party or casual ensemble.

These ankle-high boots have either leather or suede uppers and three eyelets. They were originally used by British soldiers in the desert but became popular fashion wear in the 40s through the 60s. 

Jodhpur boots are a type of Chelsea boots that have a strap and a buckle instead of laces. They were originally worn by Indian polo riders; thus, the name.

Engineer boots were traditionally working boots worn by firemen who worked on steam locomotives. However, they became associated with the biker culture in the 50s until they evolved as a fashion statement in 2010.

Buy Docksteps Sneakers

Aside from boots, Docksteps expanded their footwear and also began manufacturing Docksteps sneakers. They might not be as popular as other brands but their quality and style show the meticulous craftsmanship seen in Italian shoe brands. What makes Docksteps sneakers attractive is its price compared to other luxury brands. 

If you want to know more about Docksteps footwear, check out our website and avail of our special prices.