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Dr Martens Men's laced shoes
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Dr Martens Smooth Leather 3-eye Shoes
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Dr Martens Leather boots with rubber sole
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Dr Martens Ankle-high buffed leather boots
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Dr Martens Boots.

The iconic shoes and boots brand is the symbol of multiple urban subcultures for more than 60 years. Dr.Martens appeal to people who have their own individual style but share a united spirit – authentic characters who stand for something. People who possess a proud sense of self- expression.  On a stylistic level, Dr. Martens’ simple silhouettes allow their wearers to adopt the boots and shoes as part of their own individual and very distinctive style. 

The Sheer Power of Dr Martens Boots

Here is something that immediately oozes power! They’re just waiting for the right pair of feet to put them on so that power can be exercised. And no, it’s not that raw power that doesn’t really know where to go, it’s the kind of power that comes with years of refinement, the kind that only dr martens boots can put together.

The moment you put on this pair of boots, you will become one with the many others who have tasted this power and longevity for over 60 years. Stepping outside in them is just a reiteration of the power and style that you know you are endowed with. Dr Martens boots are not just a statement of style and power, but of willful purpose.

The Practicality of Dr Martens Boots

And no, these are not a pair that you’ll step out in and get rid of in a few days. This pair of ankle boots are built to last as long as you do. Not only are they functional, but they are also practical to wear on a daily basis. That’s the kind of practicality that can only be provided by dr martens boots.

The Build Quality

This is mainly due to the various materials that have gone into making this shoe what it is. The Goodyear welts around the shoe make for excellent coverage against the harsh conditions you will power through. To complete the package, only the best leather has been used to craft a masterpiece of a pair of boots.