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Fontana 2.0 BRENDA Polka dot pant
Fontana 2.0 BRENDA High rise trousers
Fontana 2.0 BRENDA Solid colour trousers
Fontana 2.0 RENATE Skinny trousers
Fontana 2.0 MELISSA printed trousers
Fontana 2.0 BRENDA Straight Pants
Fontana 2.0 BRENDA Cropped pants
Fontana 2.0 BRENDA printed pant
Fontana 2.0 TIFFANY Sleeveless tight dress
Fontana 2.0 CLIO Women's straight cut dress
Fontana 2.0 TIFFANY Sleeveless dress
Fontana 2.0 TIFFANY Slim-fit dress

Fontana 2.0

You probably know this, and this is a brand that doesn’t need any introduction to many. However, if you don’t, then you have no idea what you’ve been missing out on. Forget the others who’ve become so famous they’re almost forgettable. The likes of Giorgio Armani, Fendi and others have been on the forefront for years, it’s hard to get excited by what they come up with any more.

That doesn’t mean you should lose your spark for quality shoes and other clothing apparel just because the brands you know are no longer exciting. It’s time to dig deeper to find those brands that really evoke emotion with their designs. One of them is Fontana.

Who are Fontana? 

Fontana is an Italian design house that has been in operation for close to a century. Since 1928, they have been party to the trends that have set tongues wagging. And no, they’re not some craft designers who come up with left-field designs on a small scale. They have been a mainstay of the fashion magazines and the various fashion shows that are run in the industry.

They have specialized in a number of items from dresses to kabans, but perhaps their most famous designs are with their shoes. Yes, Fontana shoes are some of the best in the market.

What makes Fontana Shoes the best?

First of all, the mere fact that they’re made in Italy should begin to tell you what you’re going to get. The first thing that comes to mind when those words are said, is the excellent design that has gone into the shoes. Fontana has not let down this mantra, and instead have bolstered it with the quality of the shoes that they have put out.

The second thing that comes to mind is durability. There’s no use putting together shoes worth the feet of the Pope and other superstars such as Ines Sastre, only for them to fall apart on the red carpet. The shoes that Fontain puts out are known to be durable enough to last abusive use for years before they begin to fall apart. The moment you take care of them, they will take care of you when you’re on the big stage and you need something to have your back.

Fontana shoes, therefore, aren’t just another Italian design. These are the epitome of what design and engineering can do when they have the same goal.