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Calvin Klein JINJER Canvas Low-top Sneakers
CHF118.99 CHF95.19
Calvin Klein Womens platform sneakers
CHF118.99 CHF95.19
Calvin Klein sneaker brown Logo print
CHF118.99 CHF95.19
Calvin Klein Fabric sneakers
CHF108.99 CHF87.19
Calvin Klein DEMIANNE navy sneakers
CHF108.99 CHF87.19
Calvin Klein Denim sneakers
CHF108.99 CHF87.19
Calvin Klein Logo-embossed platform sneakers
CHF98.99 CHF79.19
Calvin Klein ZAMIRA all-over logo sneakers
CHF98.99 CHF79.19
Calvin Klein Ladies high-top logo sneakers
CHF98.99 CHF79.19
Calvin Klein DIAMANTE Women's pink sneakers
CHF88.99 CHF71.19
Calvin Klein Ladies running shoes
CHF118.99 CHF95.19
Calvin Klein Mesh panel running sneakers
CHF98.99 CHF79.19

Women’s Designer Clothing Brands

 When you think of women's clothing brands, some of the names that pop up are Chanel, Gucci, Celine, and other expensive designer labels. Somehow, the word ”fashionable” is synonymous with elegance, luxury, comfort, and price. And although a lot of women will not admit it, they want to own at least one designer item.  However, the price is a turn off for most.

Brandable solves this problem by offering fashion clothes for women at a lesser price. Our site carries a wide range of brands from the best online women's clothing stores. 

You might wonder why we are giving special discounts for our luxury fashion brands online. No, we are not offering imitations, but we get our products straight from the source instead of using an intermediary. 

Fashion Clothes for Women

The number of luxury fashion brands online is evidence that many women want to be seen in a designer’s clothing. That's because of the clothes you wear boosts your confidence, and it reflects the personality you have. So if you want to make a good impression, you have to dress to impress. 

Our collection of designer items are not limited to dresses, coats, jeans, and shirts. We also have bags and accessories because, why not? Why stop at your clothes when you can further complement them with a well-designed bag or skillfully-crafted accessory. 

We also have designer sandals and flip flops. That's because we believe that if you can work and party in style, you can also have a rest and recreation in style. But what we offer is an affordable luxury — our prices are not cheap, but it won’t break the bank. 

Best Online Women’s Clothing Store

Look and feel your best with some of the best luxury fashion brands online. Take advantage of our special prices before the holiday shopping rush. Check out our women’s designer clothing online now!