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$157.28 $449.36 -65%

Leather handbag with a winning shape. Easy to wear and ideal for casual, urban looks.

$113.35 $323.86 -65%

This iconic Arlettis mini bag is contemporary, versatile and glamorous, not to mention super cool in a tartan version.

$182.43 $521.22 -65%

Suede bag with plexiglas closure, for a practical yet luxury look. Ideal for casual looks, bringing a cheerful touch to daywear.

$138.15 $394.71 -65%

The iconic B14 comes in leather that makes it smooth and bright, and its lines have been shaped to be even more geometric. A true must-have.

$164.71 $470.61 -65%
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This crescent-shaped rigid leather crossbody bag is a seasonal must-have.

$168.26 $480.73 -65%

A new must-have model stars in the iconic Ambrine line.

$109.81 $313.74 -65%

 Mini bag with a detachable, adjustable shoulder strap.

$123.98 $354.22 -65%
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Straw item that’s perfect for the summer. Perfect for both day and night. 

$227.21 $454.42 -50%

Feminine and versatile, ideal for dynamic, up-to-date women. This bag is a perfect balance between design and function.

$182.43 $521.22 -65%
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Coccinelle Ambrine leather bag

$61.99 $177.11 -65%

Leather wallet with buckle closure.

$151.89 $433.98 -65%
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Classic leather bag with a leather and metal shoulder strap.

Coccinelle Brand

Coccinelle is an Italian fashion company specializing in leather goods and generally in the "luxury accessory" segment. It was founded in the 1970s by Giacomo Mazzieri in Sala Baganza where it still has its headquarters.

Coccinelle Bags

A decades-old question that has plagued women when it comes to style is this: should I use one bag to accentuate my different dress styles or do I use only one – some sort of a ”one bag to rule them all”?

It's tempting to say that all you need is one neutral Coccinelle bag for everything. But can you picture yourself using only one Coccinelle bag everywhere you go – at the park, at parties, at school, at the grocery? That would be a very boring life plus you will be overusing your bag and shortening its life. 

So why stick with one when you can have a lot of fun with different Coccinelle bags that match your different styles or moods?

Coccinelle Handbags Price

When it comes to high-quality, affordable bags, no one understands this better than Coccinelle. The Coccinelle bags online shop boasts a wide range of bags in different types, colors, materials, and prices. Moreover, you'll get an affordable price whether you buy Coccinelle handbags online or at their shops. That's because they remain true to their origin as an ”accessible luxury” item. 

Coccinelle bags use the finest materials, whether it be leather, suede, or snakeskin. They are then finely crafted into bags and purses that compliment your clothes and dresses for any occasion. You can further check them out at the Coccinelle outlet on our website. 

You can't only buy Coccinelle handbags online but accessories and shawls as well. Like the bags, they are also affordably priced. Most of all, they are the perfect complement to your whole clothing ensemble.

Coccinelle Straw Shoulder Bag, a Leather Purse, or a Silk Shawl in Our Coccinelle Online Shop

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